Gastritis acute, chronic - traditional methods of treatment

Acute gastritis caused by food poisoning, overeating, alcohol poisoning, which contribute to flow through the bloodstream of toxins and poisons bacterial origin, irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach medications for a long time: the bromides, digitalis preparations, antibiotics, sulfonamides or chemicals.

Chronic gastritis is already apparent progressive disease. This characteristic damage to the gastric mucosa and glands that produce hydrochloric acid with patina and mucus, worse regeneration of cells of the mucous membranes. This leads to dysfunction of the stomach with:

• High level of hydrochloric acid (chronic gastritis with increased secretion).

• Low level of hydrochloric acid (chronic gastritis with decreased secretion).

The main cause of chronic gastritis is the presence of specific acid-fast bacteria - Helicobacter populating pylori in 90% of cases

Manifested acute gastritis:

• Nausea, vomiting, and pain in podloucky.

• Headache, increased body temperature, loss of strength.

The chronic gastritis with increased secretion appears:

• Pain at the top of the abdomen that occur on an empty stomach, sometimes at night. They are after a meal.

• Heartburn, sour belching, frequent constipation.

The chronic gastritis with the presence of reduced secretion is characterized by:

• Feeling of fullness in the stomach, heaviness in the region of podloucky after a meal.

• Belching and nausea, bloating and rumbling in the abdomen, diarrhea.

• Dull and aching pain in the solar plexus area after eating. Increased pain during walking and in a vertical position.

Home methods for acute gastritis

The infusion. Designed to accept half a Cup every 3 hours. You will need flax seeds, chamomile flowers, licorice (root), lemon balm(2:2:1:1). Put on a warm bath and collection (6 g) in boiling water (250 ml) for 5 minutes. Then all poured into the flask and allow to stand for 2 hours.

The infusion. Well milled and mixed in the same weight oak bark, leaves watch, sage, oregano, lime flowers, Heather, wormwood. Boiling water (500 ml) is poured collection (10 g), simmering on low heat for 3 min and insist in a thermos 4 hours. Daily take ¼ Cup 6 times.

Home methods for chronic gastritis

The infusion. Need (1 part) - the herb, yarrow, watch, mint. 2 parts chamomile, snake Highlander. Now 6 g collection zaparivajut boiling water (250 g) and kept at minimum heat for 15 minutes and poured into the flask for 2 hours. Take after filtering ¼ tbsp. three times a day before meals.

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