Garnet is a natural elixir of youth

Want to look young even in adulthood? Daily eat grenades, a new study by researchers from the Spanish laboratory ProbelteBio proved that pomegranate is a natural elixir of youth.

Garnet for centuries considered to be the Savior of many ailments, it prevents heart disease, reduces stress, and even increases the potency. Now it turned out that it slows down the aging process DNA.

Nearly 60 volunteers in the course of the experiment for three months, ate fruit extract pomegranate. Scientists monitored the activity of chemicals in the body and found a significant decrease in markers of cell damage, which causes damage to organs and the effect of aging on the skin.

Most likely, garnet slows down oxidation in the cells, which is in fact the natural aging process.

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Aging is a kind of corrosion, damaging oxidation process, to defend against him will mean to defeat aging.

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