Garlic, spinach and other smelly products

Experts have compiled a list of products whose use has a negative impact on the human body, causing it starts to smell bad.

For example, alcohol, mainly processed by the liver. About 10 percent of the alcohol out of the body through sweat, breath and urine. In addition, alcohol makes sweating more abundant, and therefore unpleasant smell becomes more.

This product is also and garlic, and quite deservedly. He is also excreted in sweat, and with it highlighted an unpleasant smell, by which garlic is not very flattering characteristics.

Of products the use of which contributes to an unpleasant odor, you can add soy, beets, spinach. Their "pouchette" due to the fact that they contain many of methyl compounds, the process which produces trimethylamine - a substance with a fish smell, also expelled from the body through sweat.

In addition, the experts found that sweat more those people who eat meat. The smell they emit sweat sharper than the smell of sweat vegetarians.

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