Garlic reduces the risk of lung cancer by almost 44%

People who write garlic at least twice a day, will reduce the risk of lung cancer by 44%, writes The Daily Mail. The risk is reduced even smokers - approximately 30%. It is worth noting that Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and accounts for 80% of all cases. Lung cancer is a terrible disease with an extremely low survival rate is only one person in ten lives longer than five years after diagnosis. Recently the University of South Australia made a statement that garlic reduces the risk of bowel cancer by almost 30%.

When comparing two groups, one of which consisted of 1424 cancer patients, and the other of 4,500 completely healthy people, it was found that the inclusion of fresh garlic in constant diet has a positive effect. Today, scientists can't answer the question of whether a similar effect of garlic treated thermally.

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The most useful ingredient in garlic is allicin. He comes out when chopping garlic cloves. Allicin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, protects against damage caused by free radicals. This is why garlic is recommended for any inflammatory, infectious and noninfectious diseases, even cancer prevention.

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