Garlic helps to maintain a healthy heart

Members of the garlic substances make this product unique. The Americans, in the process of relevant studies, came to the conclusion that garlic helps to keep heart healthy for years to come. The study also showed that regular consumption of this vegetable from the onion family strengthens the immune system and is a powerful advocate in the fight against infections.

Experimental biologists were able to identify of garlic a substance called Diallo-trisulfide, which have a beneficial effect on heart muscle cells.

The experiments were conducted on lab rats and their essence is the artificial introduction Diallo-trisulfide in their body. The results were striking, in animals after therapy the risk of cardiovascular disease has decreased several times.

As reports the edition Vista News, adding I'm eating garlic reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Previously, it was found that the substances present in the composition of the garlic, in potency, sometimes superior to antibacterial agents.

Along with garlic, selected eight products that replace antibiotics: Echinacea, bee propolis, ascorbic acid, extract of pomegranate seeds, oil of oregano, colloidal silver solution, the extract from the leaves of the olive tree and the Chinese herb Astragalus.

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