Garlic helps to fight resistant bacteria

Garlic is one of the most available antimicrobial drugs, say scientists from the University of Copenhagen . Substances included in it, help the body to fight the most resistant bacteria, says Business Standard. Tim Holm Jacobsen opened connection adogen, which prevents the allocation of a bacterial toxin that destroys the white blood cells (cells that help the body fight off infections).

Leukocytes are the main defenders of the human body. It is proved that bacterial cells can form whole conglomerates, to protect themselves biological film. In the result of infectious agents become unavailable for destruction by the immune system.

During their research, the scientists studied the behavior of Pseudomonas aerginosa. This bacterium causes gangrene in humans and complications in patients with cystic fibrosis. The bacterium has an initial resistance and a number of protective properties.

When processing conglomerate bacteria antibiotic positive effect was minimal. However, the addition of adogen to therapeutic drug dramatically changed the picture. Killed 90% of pathogenic bacteria.

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Scientists say that garlic is very little adogen, however, there is the possibility of developing drugs based on the given substance.

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