Galvanic electrophoresis in cosmetology

Until recently, a method such as electrophoresis, was used only in medicine. Galvanic electrophoresis is done by a special apparatus Alvor. Under the action of the galvanic current medicinal substances penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Ions that move, contribute to the fact that the drug penetrates into the skin.

The effects of cosmetic electroportatif substances used in electrophoresis depends on what effect you eventually want to get. For example, to achieve the moisturizing effect, apply a moisturizing product in this procedure. Substances with antiseborrheic action, used in electrophoresis for the treatment of seborrhea. To increase the elasticity of the skin by electrophoresis are substances with a sealing action.

According to scientists, those substances that are going around the anode, have astringent effect on the skin, and substances, concentrated near the cathode, help in opening the pores.

There is an assumption that the galvanic current increases cell volume and improves blood flow. Cosmetologists are used in various pharmaceutical compositions for rapid hydration and "normalization" of the skin. The whole procedure takes no more than three to twelve minutes. In cosmetic electrophoresis penetrating substances capable of feeding only the top layer of skin. Particles with positive and negative charges very quickly disappear as soon as the procedure ends.

So, do not think that frequent treatments provide long-term effect for the skin. Due to electric current during electrophoresis in the skin cells there are various metabolic processes. The effect of introduced substances on the skin is more intense in comparison with other ways of applying these substances to the skin.

The advantages of cosmetic electrophoresis - the body formed ion depot, therefore, substances are longer.- There is the possibility of using high concentration in a certain place. Saturation of the blood and organs of the substance is excluded.- Adverse reactions almost never happens.- Widestudio electrophoresis are injected into the active form, i.e., in ionic form.- The substances are completely painless, cloth is not deformed, and the solvents substances are not applied.

Application Methodist kind of cosmetic electrophoresis, which is used to remove stains. The medical term this name is not.A similar procedure is followed by removing plaque, consisting of sebum secretions from the skin. Before beginning the procedure in the electroplating apparatus is placed in the ampoule liquid cleansing effect.

Contraindications - Cosmetic electrophoresis does not apply to those areas of the skin, on which there is inflammation, wounds or other damage.- Do not apply the procedure on areas with dilated veins, and, on those parts of the body where there are prostheses made of metal.

The procedure is contraindicated for people with cardiac pacemakers. If human skin is hypersensitive, it shows the beauty electrophoresis.

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