Fungal infections: candidiasis and fungal

Candidiasis is called a fungal disease, which affect the mucous membrane and the skin, this is due to the multiplication of fungi of the genus Candida. Candidiasis develops in people with reduced immunity, as well as the presence of various diseases that are sexually transmitted.

This fungus in a small amount is always present in every human body. And when there is imbalance, mushrooms reproduce, this leads to candidiasis. Often candidiasis affects the genitourinary tract.

Candidiasis affects both internal and external sex organs.

Symptoms of candidiasis are diseases of the stomach, intestinal dysbiosis, problems in the field of gynecology and lowered immunity.

Candidiasis can develop for many reasons, for example, after a long reception of antibiotics, corticosteroids. Also with obesity or diabetes, syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, mikoplazmoza, viral infections, etc.

Candidiasis is not life-threatening, but quite unpleasant symptoms. They affect mood, cause irritability and aggressiveness, as well as negatively affect intimate relationships. Learn more about candidiasis and other fungal diseases can be found on the website

Types of candidiasis:

is thrush, which affects the gastrointestinal tract,

is thrush, which affects the internal organs,

is thrush, which affects the genitals,

is thrush, which affects the nails and okolonogtevogo rollers.

Women often manifests itself urogenital candidiasis. It causes itching and burning in the vagina, redness in the vulva, pain during urination and sexual intercourse are also highlighted white selection.

In men, these symptoms:

-the head of the penis is experiencing the pain, itching and redness. The head of the penis swells, it appears white bloom. Sexual intercourse is very painful.

For the treatment of candidiasis doctor will prescribe antifungal drugs.


Mycosis is a fungal disease that causes parasitic fungi. Fungal growth may develop in case of various diseases, which reduce the immunity of the person. When avium may be affected digestive and reproductive system, mucous membranes, nails, lungs, etc.

Get mycosis hands, nails and feet through the shoes, towels, scissors, sponges, etc. the Disease has started with a little peeling on the skin, the appearance of diaper rash. Nails when avium can also change, they appear spots and stripes, they fade and crack.

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In modern medicine for the treatment of mycosis use fluconazole and terbinafine. These antifungal drugs can destroy the cells of fungi, and reduce their reproduction.

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