Full children eat less than thin

Researchers from the University of North Carolina has made an interesting discovery in the field of adjustment of the weight of the person. Is full of children at the age from 9 years of age eat for a day much less than their peers. The findings of scientists are based on an extensive sample of 19 thousands of participants took place in the period from 2001 to 2008 National survey on nutrition. Scientists have studied the nutritional status of children aged 1 year to 17 years, in an attempt to find the relationship between overweight children and calorie they consume food. Parents or participants talked about his regular diet, as scientists have measured and compared the data with their body mass index. Obesity was detected in 15.4 percent of children participating in the survey, weight suffered 14.9%, weight in the normal range was fixed at 66.3 percent of the participants, and 3.4 was noted the lack of weight. Data on weight girls under 9 boys under 12 not surprised scientists because there was a direct pattern - the more you eat the children, the higher was their weight. However, surprised the researchers indicators of an older age group girls aged 9 to 17 years and boys from 12 to 17 years with obesity or weight issues have consumed in a day much less calories than children with a body weight within the normal range.

It is known that the prerequisites of childhood obesity are formed in childhood, the period from one year to 9 years, because then formed the feeding behaviour of the child. Because the treatment of obesity should be correlated depending on the age of the child, the child is older than 9 years with obesity does not need daily in large amounts of calories in order to stay with consistently high weight. Because the restriction of the diet to nothing lead, in this case, parents should increase the physical activity of the child. If problems with weight, the child is observed in an earlier age, caloric restriction is the most appropriate output.

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