Fukushima detected 26 children diagnosed with thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is a cancer that requires surgical treatment or chemotherapy. The tumor can grow the body and give metastases in distant organs and systems. The main way of dealing with this disease is early diagnosis and treatment of disease. Mass screening of children helped to identify the 26 cases of thyroid cancer in children during free mass survey of more than 360 thousand children.

The data were published during the press conference, ways of HOKUTO Hoshi Chairman of the Committee on health status of this settlement. Initial analysis revealed a suspected cancer processes in the thyroid gland in 33 children. According to scientists, the background radiation is a very negative factor that increases the incidence of cancer. It should be noted that data on the incidence rate increased in comparison with 2011, when had planned a mass screening.

However, scientists are not able to associate the consequences of the accident and the increasing number of patients with thyroid cancer because the data is quite superficial and require additional and more in-depth analysis. Statistics show that the risk of developing cancer in areas with built nuclear power plants on average only 1% higher than in areas without this source of energy.

It is worth noting that Japan is very sensitively relates to the health of its citizens. Mass examinations and screening is an integral part of medical health care in this country. Scientists have reported that thyroid cancer develops as a result of the ingestion of particles of iodine, contaminated by radiation. Iodine is precipitated on the body and provokes the development of the cancer process.

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