Fruit juices children to drink prohibit dentists

It is generally accepted that fruit juices for children is extremely useful. But according to a recently conducted analysis, it was found inclusion in the daily diet of the child fruit juice is a threat to the teeth, which may be affected by actions on them juices, writes The Daily Mail.

Kathy Hurley employee of the Royal College of surgeons warns: "Almost half of children aged five years has signs that they have thinned enamel". Medic calls to replace all schools juices with plain water or milk. The point here is that the juice contains an excessive amount of acid (particularly dangerous are the citrus juices). Hence the process is irreversible erosion of the enamel. Also in the fruit juice is in high concentrations is harmful to teeth sugar.

Kathy Hurley says: "Little children juices can give a week only once. Moreover, drinking a day more than one glass of fruit juice, therefore, absolutely impossible to replace it with fruit, because the juices is missing a much-needed fiber."

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Experts urge not to eat the fruit, which, in principle, also have the ability to damage the enamel and switch to plain water. Also, drunk after drinking fruit water reduces acidity. It will be useful to eat anything containing calcium (cheese, cheese, kefir or yogurt).

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