Fruit juices carry more harm than good

British scientists believe that the usefulness of the fruit juices from the store is overpriced. Most of them should be excluded from the number of products that can replace natural vegetables and fruits. All the matter in the high sugar content, the amount of which is comparable with sweet soda, writes The Hindu.

Confirms information Susan Jebb, head of studies of obesity and nutrition in Cambridge. She was sure that fruit juices in large quantities can have a negative impact on the human body, similar to Cola. The degree of harm, the researcher said the same.

The Council of doctors-nutritionists one: it is better to eat fresh fruit or vegetables to nourish your body with vitamins and microelements. Do not give up making fresh juices, but adding syrups are not particularly welcome. If the desire is stronger, the juice from the package must be diluted with drinking water to reduce the concentration of sugars.

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It is worth noting that for the first time concerns about the juices were made in 2004, when the consumption of these drinks began to grow. Studies have shown that sugary juices could affect the diet of modern man.

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