Fruit juices are fraught with danger for teeth

Some people believe that there is nothing more rewarding than natural fresh fruit juices. But few know that these juices lurks a huge threat to the health of the teeth. According to the British dental contained in the juices sugar and acid are harmful to teeth, especially children. The threat is so great that the Association of dentists in the UK even published a special appeal to parents with a request to reduce the amount consumed by their children juices and smoothies.

According to the study's author Nigel Carter, many people are convinced that obtained from the fresh fruit drinks are useful. But actually it is not so, because the juice contains more sugar and acids than in the same amount of fruit. That is why juices have a more devastating effect on tooth enamel than fruit. As for the smoothies, they are even more harmful than juices because of its thick consistency, can form a sticky film on the teeth.

And increased the concentration of sugars and acids in the juices due to the fact that while cooking so useful for the organism tissue is expelled as waste. Scientists recommend parents to restrict consumed by their children the amount of juice to 150 ml per day, and also advised not to drink the juices as an alternative water to quench thirst.

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