Fruit flies will help people suffering from memory impairment

Man has a perfect brain. Its structure is extremely difficult, and today a huge number of research teams are struggling over the mysteries of this organ. In particular, scientists interested in the mechanisms of remembering and memory. A recent study conducted by Gregga Novel from the University of Houston, gave answers to some questions related to the nervous system.

The experiment involved the nerve cells in fruit flies, which are responsible for the learning process in insects, writes The Times of India. The investigated structure was responsible for the sense of smell. It should be noted that the same education, only more perfect, exists in humans. The researchers were influenced by the electric charge on the perception of odors. As a result, after a certain time has changed the activity of nerve impulses in fruit flies. This has changed and trace memory.

After the experiment flies weaker perceived odors, if they were not accompanied by additional electrical stimulus. It should be noted that the smells that were "grafted in" insects in the study were perceived especially rapidly.

The expert also found that a particular protein may inhibit the activity of brain cells. Selective introduction of this substance in separate structures of the nervous system allows you to influence them. For example, it is possible to artificially influence the processes of memory by its reduction. Gregg Roman is convinced that the path of remembering and intensity of these processes involve the interaction of cells through neurotransmitters. The more of this substance is secreted, the faster the formation of new associative links in the brain.

Scientists have high hopes for this discovery. Perhaps it will form the basis for the development of special techniques to restore memory.

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