Frozen pregnancy - symptoms, causes, treatment

As a rule, women caught such a disaster as frozen (regressing) pregnancy, interested in the causes, most importantly, the consequences of this phenomenon. It is very important to know how to plan pregnancy after frozen pregnancy. In this article we will look at signs of fading pregnancy, let's deal with the main causes and consequences.

Symptoms and diagnosis

In the early stages frozen pregnancy is nothing to show. Only in some cases, women will notice that disappear signs of toxicosis and tenderness in the breast. After 2-3 weeks after regress, as a rule, appear spotting and cramping pain, miscarriage occurs.

If the period of pregnancy up to 5 weeks, the gynecologist can diagnose non-developing pregnancy at the first examination counting the size of the uterus, which should be at this time. If the woman is not the first time visiting a doctor, you should also be worried by the lack of growth of the uterus during a certain period.

When the sinking of pregnancy in the blood of women increases the amount of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). If the pregnancy is under strict medical supervision, it may be noted and gynecologist, and the woman herself.

During the ultrasound examination to suspect non-developing pregnancy, the doctor may, if after 4-5 weeks no heartbeat or gestation period does not match the size of the embryo. At the slightest suspicion 7-10 days is the control ultrasound. If the diagnosis receives a confirmation that the woman is prescribed a special treatment to avoid recurrence of such situations in the future.


Among the most frequent causes regression of pregnancy are the following:

- abnormalities in fetal development;

- teratogenic factors (intake of some drugs, dangerous food additives, the presence of the mother of bad habits);

- hormonal imbalance (a sharp increase in the concentration of male hormones);

infection, STD: mycoplasmosis, herpes type II, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia and so on;

- infection with rubella, chickenpox, or toxoplasmosis.


Doctor, depending on the stages of pregnancy, can offer a delaying tactic, you have to wait for spontaneous miscarriage. The use of such tactics is possible only on a very small period of pregnancy and in our country, generally not practiced.

If the period of pregnancy up to 8 weeks, to terminate a pregnancy is possible by means of medication, i.e. to avoid surgical intervention. At the time more than 8 weeks the uterus is subjected to scraping.

When there is regression in the late stages (over 16 weeks) then use the method of "artificial birth".

Depending on the reasons that this pathology is caused, is selected further treatment. If the sinking of pregnancy caused by infections, before planning the next pregnancy, they need to be cured. If you have problems with hormonal background, it is necessary to undergo a full examination and to take all measures to normalize the situation. When diagnosing problems, genetic plan, both spouses should be examined by the medical genetics.

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It is wrong to consider the sinking of pregnancy sentence. Such cases are not uncommon in medical practice. As a rule, women who underwent regressing pregnancy in the future become mothers healthy babies.

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