From the pain in his back and his feet not be cured with the help of anesthetic injections

If back pain associated with lumbo-sacral radiculitis, using injections of steroids in the fight against them will be completely useless. Typically, this disease tamamlama sciatic nerve and the pain is given not only in the back, but in the leg. Due to this, according to The Daily Mail, the herniated disc.

Australian scientists have proved: injections of corticosteroids in the spine is not achieved neither long, nor short-term impact on back pain. In the condition of the feet changes a year after injection did not happen. However, according to Chris Maera of Jorgscha Institute for global health, after introduction of the drug for three months by 6 points decreased pain.

These findings Maar came analyzing 23 clinical trials involving thousands of patients. Each patient on a 100-point scale was assessed pain. The stronger the pain, the higher the score.

According to Meera, injections should be forgotten and should start looking for a new way to treat pain. Although the beneficial effects of the injection were not previously excluded, and reducing their effectiveness due to the widespread use of epidural analgesia.

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