From the 15th of February in Ukraine will begin GMP standards

15 February in Ukraine will be "black Friday" to domestic producers of medicines and drugs. From this day forward, with the pharmaceutical market will be eliminated about 1,300 names of drugs, according to "Remedium". The reason for their noncompliance "GMP" so-called quality standards of "Good manufacturing practice".

According to the Chairman of the sub-Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on issues of legislative support for the development of pharmacy Andrew shipkova, to date, has recalled about 30 percent of the licenses of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies.

It turns out that after the 15th of February will remain on the market products, only those Ukrainian producers, the quality of which is guaranteed by the compliance with the GMP standards. On the question about which drugs will be prohibited to sell, the MP did not answer.

Recall that in the normal production of medicines, quality control is carried out by analyzing selective samples, while GMP standards require a holistic study of all products, and in addition, the pharmaceutical industry must meet fairly stringent standards of GMP.

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