From sweet then

It turns out if your daily diet a lot of fructose, it is quite likely you will have problems with learning and remembering studied. To counteract this deleterious effects on the brain can only antioxidants.

Professor Fernando Gomez-Pinilla said that food with a high content of fructose, especially long its use affects the ability to recall previously studied and to learn new things.

The Professor and his colleagues conducted experiments on laboratory rats. One group of rats were given a solution of corn syrup with high fructose. The second group of rats received and syrup, and antioxidant (fatty acids omega-3), which were supposed to protect the synapses of the brain.

All rats were fed with standard food, before the start of the experiment all rats were trained to find a way out of the maze visual marks. After six weeks, the rats again passed the test maze, it was found that the rats of the first group is much worse coped with the task, than rats from the second. In addition we received only fructose rats was recorded reduction of synaptic brain activity, that is, they slowly thought.

So if you have a difficult exam, or you are on the intellectual work, better give up on soft drinks or sweet baked goods, diet can affect the results of your mental work.

It is known that high fructose corn syrup, which was given to rats popular in the food industry sweetener and preservative that is used in the production of beverages, and in the manufacture of confectionery.

The study authors warn against the use of products with sweeteners, it is better to treat yourself to the sweet berries and fruits, and useful for brain activity, as it is known, can be chocolate.

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