From psoriasis will help to get rid of the Mediterranean diet

Psoriasis patients tormented by severe itching, pain, dryness of the skin. This is only part of the unpleasant symptoms. This disease brings psychological and aesthetic problem. Patients feel like outcasts in society. Very often such people do not want to serve in the beauty salon is not allowed in the pool. Therefore, they rarely talk about their unpleasant disease. In the world more than 120 million people suffer from psoriasis. This disease can appear at any age. Even there are cases that the disease appeared in the newborn. A dermatologist deals with the diagnosis of the disease. Most often, diagnosis will be sufficient visual inspection.

To date, psoriasis is a fairly common and severe disease of the skin. A few months ago, scientists from France stated that the disease can permanently win, if you follow a proper diet. They propose to adhere to a special diet called the Mediterranean. Experts conducted a survey. It was attended by about 30 thousand people. 3 500 people was psoriasis. They talked in detail about their food. The Mediterranean diet supplies the human body with beneficial vitamins and minerals that positively affect overall health. During this diet reduces the consumption of alcoholic beverages, meat and dairy products.

People who adhered to the Mediterranean diet on the body, there was much less inflammation. Therefore, scientists concluded that diet helps eliminate inflammatory processes on the skin. This makes it possible for all to defeat psoriasis.

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