From mosquitoes found natural remedies

Mosquitoes are very dangerous and can cause many serious diseases, however, on the basis of the results of a recent study, people are more scared of not disease and itching, which inevitably remains from the bite of blood-sucking insect.

Most sold in the market repellents contain substances such as picaridin or DEATH metal, but environmentalists say that if these products are used for their intended purpose, they are safe not only for adults but also for children. However, some people such substances cause severe allergic reactions. Meanwhile, there are completely natural ways to mosquitoes from person kept a respectable distance.

But, all the same and these natural substances in large quantities can also represent a serious threat not only for Krivovichev", but for people. So, if you take clove oil, it is in high concentration even able to leave skin burns, and besides, most essential oils have only a short duration, and must continually apply after a certain time. And in addition, be sure to follow the instructions for use. The most popular insect repellent is possible to avoid going outside during dawn and sunset when mosquitoes highest peak of activity.

Garlic can ward off these winged bloodsuckers, but only very briefly. Also, experts do not recommend the use of scented personal care products for the face and other areas of your body, including the production of perfumers.

Scented candles and oils, which contains citronella, can also protect from mosquitoes. Vitamin "B" are less able to change the scent of a man, and this effect may deter mosquitoes from you. If you live outside the city (in the country) and your site has a swimming pond where stagnant water, then you definitely mosquitoes will be more. Lemon eucalyptus oil is also another good repellent, but he, alas, is not recommended for children under three years.

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