A group of highly respected scientists and doctors Australia encourages universities to immediately stop the teaching of alternative medicine. Considered to be representatives of official science is "just absolute nonsense", which shames and embarrasses higher public education.

We are talking about the many courses on alternative medicine in the state universities, which teach the basics of individual techniques like aromatherapy or homeopathy. Scientists and doctors, representatives of the Association of Friends of Science in Medicine ("Friends of science in medicine") believe that Australian medical schools are ruining its reputation by teaching students various "pseudo Sciences" in no way connected with medical science.

Almost half of Australian universities is teaching those or other methods of alternative medicine, including such items as: homeopathy, naturopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy, Chinese treatment using medicinal herbs and chiropractic. Almost 400 doctors, medical luminaries of science and researchers have put forward guidelines universities categorical demands the immediate cessation of this study.

The above group of respected scientists and doctors have sent a petition to the Vice-chancellors of universities, which contain calls to rely only on science evidence, and not on techniques of questionable content. In most cases, the data "manuals" deserve one definition of quackery. In protest group includes scientists of the world, including sir Gustav Nossal - biologist, and Professor Ian Fraser, a leading oncologist Australia.

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19 Australian universities today are busy teaching of pseudo Sciences, " said Professor John'dwyer founder of the Association. These numbers are sobering. Universities destroy a longstanding reputation, who needs graduates with a degree in chiropractic or aromatherapist? We say "enough"! Stop wasting budget funds and taxpayers ' money on all this nonsense!"

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