From fitness to wise up

About the intentions of the Institute of hearts in Montreal to become the destroyers of the myth that the followers of the sport - owners of undeveloped mind, experience, conducted with a group of volunteers who hold a sedentary lifestyle.

They were all aged 49 years and, of course, were overweight. They were sent to do in the gym twice a week for four months they had to sweat on the exercise bike and exercise in aerobics. Previously on the basis of neuropsychological tests, a survey was conducted of all volunteers. Also with regard to their physical parameters, the velocity of cerebral blood flow, heart function was established level of piznarski, the maximum allowed for each participant.

By the end of the experience recorded a significant decrease in weight of the subjects in General, fat reserves and body mass index and 15% growth endurance. But most importantly (and amazing) tests, which ended the experiment showed an increase cognitive abilities of the participants, which was in proportion to the weight changes and levels of endurance: more "ukalyvanie" people in training made them smarter.

According to the author of the study Dr. Martin June, asking question to the person involved in sports, you can hear in response that he thinks faster than before. Scientists have found a way to measure this effect. According to the doctor, this is because when you physical exercise improves the blood supply to the brain.

From this it follows that after each of his victory at Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger could have been capable of writing a doctoral thesis. By the way, the brain receives support not only from exercise, but from a special diet. You can say, from fitness to wise up!

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