From exercise, you can take a tumble

It has long been known that exercise and a variety of physical activity not only improves muscle tone, but to be able to improve a person's mood, increase immunity, to give health for years to come. Now scientists from Dartmouth College discovered that exercise stimulates the brain and increase mental activity of man.

Physical activity promotes the synthesis of protein-derived neurotrophic factor brain, which is intended for development, maturation and functioning of neurons in neural networks and synapses. This is especially important protein for the ability to remember new things and learn.

According to the experiment conducted by the scientist involved walking people had elevated levels of this protein after a workout. That is not a special physical activity and regular walking made them smarter and intensified cognitive abilities. For example, athletes involved in football, showed the best ability to solve cognitive tasks and had a great working memory, compared with people not engaged in sports.

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Doctors have always advised not to lead a sedentary lifestyle and move more, but now in their beliefs there is a new argument. If someone agrees to monitor excess weight and muscle tone, and much less people are willing voluntarily to reduce their intellectual level and spoil ability to learn new things and to learn.

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