From diabetes and a heart attack will save rose

Swedish scientists have established new quality rose with daily consumption of beverages, the production of which put rosehip extract helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes of the 2nd type and diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

In the process of research, organized by the University of Lund in the group of patients suffering from obesity, doctors had achieved a significant reduction in blood pressure. All the fat over a six-week study received drinks, which constituted the basis rosehip extract. Then for another six weeks, the study participants took as drinking beverages made from grapes and apples. After each period, doctors have studied was measured body weight, the level of blood fats, blood pressure, and also undertook analysis on a personal glucose tolerance.

The study was set to record, it was the rose and its unique property. A decoction of rose hips were given the opportunity to achieve a reduction in blood pressure by 3.4 percent. But pretty impressive progress has been made in reducing the so-called "bad" cholesterol, which in record time fell by 6 percent.

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