Scientists from the University of Barcelona and University College London proved that the use of virtual reality helps not only entertain, but also reduces symptoms of depression. In the experiment involved 15 volunteers with depressive disorder. The age of the subjects ranged from 23 years to 61 years, tells NDTV.

The volunteers were asked to immerse themselves in virtual reality using a special helmet. Artificial atmosphere created by scientists, helped people to relax or to experience particular emotions.

Volunteers experienced the virtual world in sympathy to a crying baby. It was necessary to calm him down. Subjects started a conversation with him and he gradually stopped crying, started to smile. Next, the researchers placed volunteers in the body of this child. Now "the eyes of a child" saw an adult trying to calm him down. Virtual scenario lasted for eight minutes.

The experiment allowed us to significantly reduce the manifestation of depressive symptoms in 4 out of 15 volunteers. Scientists suggest that regular sessions of virtual reality can have a pronounced positive effect on patients with depression and other mental disorders.

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