From December 7, Russian students will be tested for drugs

To date, the Ministry of health together with the Ministry of education of Russia is developing a monitoring scheme to detect drug dependent students, RIA Novosti reported, citing a statement by Eugene Brune, chief narcologist of the Russian Federation. It is worth mentioning that the law has already been signed by the President of the Russian Federation and begins to act on December 7 this year. Statistics show that approximately 10% of high school students and 15% of students have at least one experience of taking certain drugs.

Mikhail Moskvin-Tarkhanov, the original initiator of this law, says, about the school you should also check on the alcohol. This will allow time to identify a risk group for further work with it and to carry out preventive work with all students.

This law says so on the prevention of drug abuse, alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases, or through the blood, which is socially significant, the detection of patients with AIDS and HIV for further work with them and provide them with qualified and timely medical care.

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Testing will be scheduled and conducted on a voluntary basis. However, in some cases, will apply force survey, in the case of, for example, detection of the fact of mass drug use among the class or school. Special control to undergo military training institutions. It should be noted that a suggestion was made to check the teachers along with the students.

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