From contact lenses, you may lose sight

A huge number of people using contact lenses, you risk to become infected with bacteria, causing a dangerous infection. To get into the eyes of a tiny single-celled organism Acanthamoeba spp can with improper use of contact lenses. The bacterium was detected in drinking and regular tap water, The Daily Mail reports.

Doctors are sounding the alarm, because the treatment of infections caused by Acanthamoeba spp., long-term, ineffective and very painful. In severe cases patients waiting for a transplant of the cornea. The medicine is known to a sufficient number of cases of people who regularly wore contact lenses, was blind. Scottish researcher Fiona Henriquez clarifies that such an outcome can wait for any man, careless use of the lens. This microscopic bacteria, once in the eye can penetrate further through the cornea or outer layer of the eyeball. Man attacked Acanthamoeba spp., feels itchy eyes, he is in tears, the visibility of the image deteriorates, the upper eyelid swollen, eyes become sensitive to light, and the pain gradually increases. On the cornea affected by the bacterium, scars remain. The reason for this contamination can be a failure to comply with the instructions and rules of operation of contact lenses. Because ocular parasite was detected in the particles of dust and tap water.

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According to him, it is necessary to adhere to the necessary conditions of storage of lenses and systematically make use of a cleanser. To protect your eyes from harmful unicellular bacteria Acanthamoeba spp., the specialists of the Association for contact lenses UK advise people to remove lenses while swimming in the pool and very narrow eyes under the shower.

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