From alopecia can be eliminated by using stem cells

Hair follicles for a number of diseases or due to physiological features can go into a dormant state. Stem cells, scientists believe, will help people suffering from baldness. Injection of a sufficient number of stem cells activate hair growth, that allows to solve the problem.

Scientists conducted an experiment with laboratory mice. During normal cells-fibroblasts were returned in original condition. Genetic modification has allowed to program cells to transform into the tissue of the hair follicle. This manipulation allowed us to create the basic structure, forming the hair.

Special technology allows to obtain a large number of stem cells in a limited period of time. The cells were mixed in the laboratory with epithelial tissue, the structure was moved to mice with depressed immunity, in order to avoid graft rejection.

It will take a lot of time, so that the technology was tested on humans, but now scientists are confident in the prospects of the method, which will help to significantly improve the process of hair regrowth.

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