From a sense of nostalgia man really feels the heat

According to Thе Irish Timеs, scientists tested the effects of nostalgia in response to cold or heat. Volunteers within 30 days tracked when they have a sense of nostalgia. It turned out it manifests itself in cooler weather.

Then he offered to go in one of three rooms: a cold 20 degrees, medium - 24 C, and "hot" - 28 degrees. At the same time, scientists conducted an assessment of the degree of experience of nostalgia. It was found that in a cold room, the manifestation of this feeling was more frequently observed.

In the third experiment, the nostalgia was initiated with the help of music. When this ligament man, according to his statement, had become warmer because of the music. And the fourth test was supposed location of subjects in a cold room with a request to remember when something nostalgic or any other event from the past. Then it was necessary to determine the temperature in the room. As it turned out, with nostalgic memories room seemed warmer.

The final test was used with a container of ice water (checked the time during which people can hold my hand in the water). Thanks to the sense of nostalgia was able to hold longer.

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According to Dr. Tim Valdata of Southendonsea University, psychological and physical comfort related. In the near future, researchers will study the ability of nostalgia to influence intolerance and other forms of physical discomfort.

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