From a cold will protect the beer?

According to Financial express, Japanese scientists have conducted studies which showed that in the treatment of runny nose and some much serious diseases effective means may be beer, or rather, M. perennials - the substance contained in the hops.

The basis for statements by Japanese brewers from the company Sappоro Brеweries served as scientific research. A key ingredient of beer is the hops that give the drink a bitter taste and protect the body from viruses that cause severe forms of pneumonia and bronchitis in young people. According to the researcher the company yuna, Fusamoto, RS-virus there is a serious breathing difficulties in young people, and has not yet developed a vaccine against this.

As said Fusamoto, curative effect is the substance M. perennials contained in beer in such small quantities that one person would have to drink about 30 cans with a capacity of 350 ml.

According to researchers, is now considering the introduction of M. perennials in the composition of the food or non-alcoholic beverages, as children will not be happy bitter taste. According to experts, with the assistance of M. perennials can stop inflammation in the body, caused by a virus. Year established Japanese brewery Sappоro Brewеries - 1876. In 2006 it was bought by canadian company Sleеman Brеweries.

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