From 1 June pharmacies will not sell painkillers without a prescription

According to a recent decision of the Moscow health Department all pharmacies will not be entitled from 1 June to sell a codeine-containing drugs without a prescription.

Ban on free sale superimposed on drugs with codeine or its salts ( containing 20 mg for 1 dose or up to 200 mg per 100 ml/100 mg of liquid). The decision was made because of the growing popularity of codeine-content tools as the basis for the preparation of drugs. Made from desomorphine, slang meaning "crocodile", the dependence on this drug affects more than 50 thousand inhabitants of Russia.

Of the most commonly used drugs of this type can be called "Nurofen Plus", "Pentalgin-N", "Terpincod", "Caffetin", "Solpadeine", Codelac". In turn, the Department recommended that pharmacies offer the public a wide selection of medicines to treat migraine headaches, myalgia, neuralgia, toothache and headache, post-traumatic pain.

The same act has already been adopted in several Russian regions . In turn, in those regions where the ban has not yet been introduced, the levels of sales of codeine funds increased significantly. If after June 1 will be revealed precedent for the sale of such substances without a prescription, the pharmacy will be imposed a substantial penalty.

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The question remains, what will such a ban on the citizens who bought medicines for personal treatment, not for drug manufacture. First, the cost of prescription products usually increases, and therefore expect price growth to the list of drugs.

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