Friendship with gregarious people helps to lose weight

Slender friends help full person to deal more effectively with the extra weight. This is indicated by the results of research scientists from Baylor University. They proved that to lose weight much easier when there are examples to follow. The results of the work done, reports Zee News.

The scientists analyzed data on health status and social activity of more than 9 thousand people aged 18-65 years. Volunteers were asked to describe four of the closest people and their physical settings. However, during the year the researchers measured the weight of people from the intervention group and the frequency of communication with friends.

It turned out that high social activity with loved ones without the extra weight creates extra incentive for quick and lasting weight loss. A special role, scientists believe that it plays a frequency of communication with friends. Need to see, touch or reconnecting with loved ones at least 2-3 times a week to this communication affected the speed of weight loss.

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