Fried meat is bad for the heart

The risk to move a heart attack increases crispy crust, resulting when frying meat. These are the conclusions of experts from the University of Illinois in the United States, according to "".

As they found, roasting is a chemical reaction that changes the protein composition of meat. The result is his glycation is a pathological process, interfering with the protein and leads to unpleasant consequences. For example, diagnosis of diabetes associated with the use of the rate of glycation of hemoglobin. Subsequently, this contributes to a more intensive calcification or hardening of the coronary arteries causing serious problems of the cardiovascular system, namely heart attacks.

These experts explain the need to use other methods of cooking - boiling or stewing. They are, according to scientists, not related to the process of glycation. It is especially important to adhere to this diabetics, have more rapid in comparison with healthy people the process of calcification and narrowing of the arteries.

According to experts, the need for more in-depth research to develop the final recommendations. The planned study of the frequency of use by patients with diabetes roast meat before they get sick.

According to statistics, the main factors that cause death and disability of people with diabetes mellitus are considered heart disease. In 65% of cases the cause of death to be a heart attack or stroke.

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