Fried chicken wings increase the aggressiveness of children - the scientists

Specialists found in food unexpected effect. If children eat fried chicken wings, they increased level of aggression. Data provided by scientific edition of The Toronto Sun.

Only the study involved 12 children aged 6-10 years. Scientists have tried to identify and explain the relationship between food and behavior of children. Apparently, aggression increased in the process of biting the meat from the bone. In the child, in some cases, cease to obey, starts to misbehave and to bully.

If you look at this phenomenon from a scientific point of vision, feeding chicken wings is better to postpone. However, this opinion is not all. Doctor in psychology Brian Russell believes that there is nothing dangerous in the eating of meat on the bones there, and consider meat as a source of aggression silly, some things are more important in everyday and scientific terms.

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