Fresh air normalizes sleep

From the journal Current Biology, became known to the conclusions of the staff of the University of Colorado (USA). It turns out in order to recover and normalize sleep, especially if people have difficulty falling asleep and waking up, you just need to spend a week relaxing in the fresh air.

During research it was found that in order to normalize the human biological clock, need natural light, as well as to minimize the electric light in the evening and at night. In experiment took part eight people in the first week were placed in a bustling urban environment, and for the second week in nature. Throughout time, scientists have been under surveillance over the internal circadian rhythms.

After spending weeks on the nature of the condition of the people is much improved, and the time devoted to sleep, has not changed.

The researchers explained that modern living conditions affect the lower levels of the hormone melatonin relative to day only a couple of hours. So people can't focus, because the biological clock is still night.

Scientists say that it is better and easier to Wake up in the morning follows the night to turn off TVs, computers, etc. to open the window and walk in the morning.

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