Frequent weighing when losing weight is the cause of serious mental disorders

Experts believe that to lose weight and not to spoil your nerves, it should be weighed without fanaticism. Too frequent weighing lead to mental abnormalities, scientists say. In one recent research managed to prove than scrupulous person is to control your weight, the higher the chance to earn a neurosis or something more serious.

Especially actual this information is for women. If men, as a rule, can look objectively at the changes in body weight, the opposite sex sometimes perceives that information too serious. A significant percentage losing weight women want to see the changes in weight each day, although neither a dietician will not be able to guarantee this.

As a result of daily weighing can lead to neurosis, depression and other hazardous conditions from the side of the psyche. To get on the scale more than once a day, scientists believe, makes no sense.

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