Frequent use of the pronoun "I" refers to the propensity of a person to depression

Researchers from the University of Kassel have found that those people who often use during a call, the pronoun "I", are more prone to the emergence of their depression and anxiety, reports The Daily Mail.

If a person is prone to frequent use of the word "we", kind of problems it doesn't get any.

This conclusion scientists have come as a result of the survey, participants were 15 men and 103 women. The researchers asked participants about their past and their relationships with others. As it turned out, fans of the last letter in the Russian alphabet had some problems psychological properties and communicate with other people. Such people often tried to call attention to himself, and could not be in solitude.

The researchers concluded that when a person says "I", it means that he separates himself from the rest and seems to be as independent units. Meanwhile, these people are very important to feel the attention from others. By "we", the person becomes, as it were, a member of the group and it is easier for him to maintain relationships with others.

It should also be noted that the same scientists from the University of Colorado found that during the depression, it is useful to exercise self-control has a positive effect on mental health.

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