Frequent urination in men - causes, symptoms, treatment

Urination can be called frequent if the person visits the toilet more than 10 - 15 times a day. However, it is not necessary to raise panic. This indicator is quite individual, and it is often accompanied by additional symptoms.


Frequent urination in men causes a number of reasons, among which:

Infection of the urinary tract (urethra, bladder, kidneys). Thus the place where localized infectious process, it does not affect the appearance of desires.

- Disorders of the kidney (chronic renal failure, and other).

- Disorders of the endocrine system, namely, the development of diabetes.

- Medication (diuretics etc).

- Age-related changes in the rhythm of urine formation. In older age greater volume of urine produced at night.

- "Bear's disease (the emergence of the desire to urinate in exciting moments).

Stones in the urinary tracts.

- Enlargement of the prostate.

The tumor.


If the causes of frequent urination are rooted in infection, as a rule, it is preceded by painful retching. The patient experienced itching and burning sensation in the perineum. Typical urine unpleasant color and smell, perhaps even mixed with pus or blood.

If normal urine prevent stones in the urinary tract, in addition to frequent visits to the toilet can be observed frequent interruption of the urinary stream, while the desire to go "pee" is not.

Frequent urination may indicate the development of the men of this insidious disease as diabetes mellitus, caused by disturbances of metabolic processes in the body. Additional symptoms of this disease are: thirst, irritability, fatigue, increased appetite and sudden weight loss.

If a man makes frequent visits to the toilet at night, then this may indicate the existence of one of the most serious diseases: prostatitis (prostate tumors) or chronic renal failure.


In fact, frequent urination in men occurs for a variety of reasons, the treatment can be appointed only after a thorough examination, recommendations will be individual. To normalize urinary frequency, if the failure is caused by infection, it is enough to take a course of antibiotic treatment. Upon detection of kidney stones, the diagnosis of renal failure, prostatitis or prostate tumors treatment should be timely and effective. It is very important to be examined at an early stage.

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