Frequent reading medical news leads to the deterioration of healthy people

Scientists from Mainz Johannes Gutenberg University found that excessive passion for reading medical news leads to healthy people begin to feel the symptoms of various diseases, of which they have recently read on the Internet.

Dr. Michael Witthoft about it advises to perceive objectively the information published in the media, otherwise the person begins to show the "nocebo" effect. This effect is that the man, waiting for something bad starts to "try on" the symptoms of various diseases. For the first time about this effect started talking after he was installed during the experiment. The experiment consisted in the fact that its organizers announced the testing of a new drug. The test participants were given a "dummy", warning them that this medication has many side effects. After some time, the research participants stated that they began to feel much worse.

This time the doctor Witthoft together with his British colleague of king's College London conducted the experiment, participants were 147 people. They were divided into 2 groups, one of which was showing a film about the fact that Wi-Fi is harmful, and the second group is that Wi-Fi is absolutely safe. Then all the participants of the study were announced that they will experience a corresponding radiation. After that more than half of the volunteers (54%) of those who watched the movie about the dangers of Wi-Fi, stated that they feel a little worse. They were surveyed and the results showed that the deterioration in their health is nothing more than a suggestion, and has no medical reason.

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