Frequent moves interfere with the child to learn

Researchers from Boston College have established that frequent moves have a negative impact on student performance. The results of the work done, says the publication Child Development.

The fact that the change of residence for a child is more stressful than for adults. The child needs much more time to adjust to new surroundings and staff. Not always the first time is impossible to find a common language with teachers and classmates. All the above factors have an impact on academic performance and is able to reduce it.

The more parents along with a child move from place to place, the more likely that the negative effect will affect the study. Children as a result of change of residence may become withdrawn, often a lack of confidence in communicating with peers, because there is no guarantee that next year new friends will remain in the past.

If frequent crossings to avoid does not work, you should pay more attention to children and try to neutralize the negative impact of frequent change of places.

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