Frequent conversations on a mobile phone result in differences in blood pressure

A study conducted by Italian scientists found that while talking on a cell phone increases blood pressure. Its increase is not smooth, but more like "splash" after each heartbeat. It is on this symptom pay particular attention when assessing the likelihood of development in human heart disease. It is known that the normal blood pressure of a person aged 20 years is the ratio of 120 over 80 millimeters of mercury.

In addition it was found that people who receive more than thirty calls a day, becoming over time a kind of immunity to spikes in blood pressure. Specialist Italian clinic Wilhelm Saliceto Dr. Giuseppe Kripa believes that such surges in blood pressure are observed most frequently in persons of Mature and older, while the younger generation can "close" from the stream of incoming telephone of negative information.

Another reason for the so-called "immunity" is the fact that frequently use a mobile phone people feel more relaxed in the case, if it is switched on and in range of a network. The level of stress these people at this time are much lower. It should also be noted that multiple surges in blood pressure during the day is a worrying symptom of cardiovascular disease.

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