Freezing of the brain will help in the future to resurrect people

Using a special chip, artificial intelligence and brain freeze, the researchers plan to run the program on the resurrection of the people. Shares his thoughts with employees Hamai. They believe that the preservation of the human brain for hundreds and thousands of years may need only time.

Now there are a lot of obstacles from lack of technology that allows you to freeze a brain without damaging it and ending the problems with creating artificial intelligence, its possibilities are more modest now than a three year old child.

However, the work in the given direction is conducted. Scientists from the aging of the company Hamai plan to protect the brain using nanotechnology and cloning cells. A person decided in the future to use the technology, will install a special chip that retains all the information. Frost and the medicine of the future should provide the opportunity to resurrect the body and the brain, using the information that was given. Sounds crazy, but only a few hundred years ago, nobody thought about the possibility of going into space.

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