Free sexual behavior increases the risk of cervical cancer

British scientists have found that free sexual behavior in adolescence leads to a high percentage incidence of cervical cancer among British women. Researchers from the University of Manchester found that over the last ten years the incidence of cancer among women aged 20 years almost doubled, up by 43 percent.

Moreover, the number of cases of cervical cancer is significantly increased in young women aged 20 to 29 years in recent years, with an overall reduction in cancer mortality.

Scientists believe that cervical cancer can develop if women engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners. That's why girls aged 12 -13 years of age be vaccinated against HPV. The human papillomavirus is very common, at the same time he is one of the main causes of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is caused by strains of HPV, which transmits through sexual intercourse, under certain conditions, this endemic virus that turns normal cells into cancer cells.

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