Free confidential HIV testing in Chernigov

In Chernigov beginning of the survey to identify HIV "youth-Friendly clinic", all the tests are free, confidential and voluntary.

Head of the clinic Vladlena Kontsevich notes the importance of knowing their HIV status for each person, understanding, whether you are a source of danger to the health of other people. Every person thinking about it, can remember in my life situation, when he could be infected with a virus, if you have the slightest doubt, contact the clinic or regional center for prevention of AIDS, where you will have the opportunity to be checked. The result of the test will know only you, but your future life may be vastly altered.

In Chernihiv clinic treat all young people learned that there can be anonymous and free to be tested for HIV. If the test result is positive, then the person with the results will be sent to the regional center for prevention and fight against AIDS. There will be a more detailed study of his immunity, and on the basis of the detailed tests will be extended program of antiviral therapy.

That is why the issue of diagnosis is extremely important to solve in a very short time and to take an HIV test.

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