Free beauticians in clinics will fight for the beauty of the patients

According to the health Ministry of the Russian Federation in a short time in the normal district clinics you can go through the procedures, which were previously offered only pay cosmetology salons, reception from acne and skin blemishes doctors will help to get rid of for free.

The aid beauty of nature is already installed, in a short time the therapist should appear in most clinics.

For example, a person suffering from acne or scarring, the doctor should be to analyze the activity of the sebaceous glands, to measure the level of surface fat, analyze pigmentation and prescribe a course of treatment. If necessary, the doctor will perform mesotherapy, cryomassage, Krivosheya, medical massage, and even the injection scar correction, if necessary, and peeling.

In the office of cosmetologists will be installed ultrasound for analysis of blood vessels of the skin, epidermis and superficial muscles. Many of these services, the Russians could previously be obtained only in private clinics, now if the doctor finds any measure necessary to get rid of the defects of the skin, the patient will receive it absolutely free.

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