Fraudsters from Moscow's hair was determined deadly disease

Moscow detectives arrested fraudsters who diagnoses deadly diseases to unsuspecting citizens on the basis of samples of hair and nails and wimalawansa then have affected the money for treatment, according to RIA Novosti.

Enterprising citizens in the orchestrated media advertising device "rainbow-3L", improving eyesight. Specified in the announcement of the phone is a potential victim called hackers who have learned thus the number of applicants. After that they were called to citizens, offering together with his device and biologically active additives (BAA) to become familiar with diagnostic samples of hair and nails.

The victim, who agreed to send their Scam samples, received a letter with a list of serious diseases found in it. Immediate and miraculous salvation was promised to the victim at transfer some money. After receiving the scammers money followed the refusal of the commitments or the proposal for additional acquisition of BAA.

It is assumed that the victims of criminals throughout Russia began at least 500 people and caused damages amounted to 30 million rubles. Most of the victims are pensioners.

Investigation Department of internal Affairs CJSC capital in accordance with article 159 of the criminal code, part 4, was prosecuted, qualifiervalue crime such as fraud on a large scale.

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