France is on the verge of legalizing euthanasia

The Council of trade Union of medical workers of France in resolving the euthanasia is performed in special cases. About this recently stated by the organization.

The statement was, in particular, says that the members consider appropriate legalization of euthanasia in exceptional cases, when the medicine is powerless to do something to help the patient, his condition increasingly worsened, and the patient consciously asks about carrying out euthanasia. Under exceptional cases, the French doctors mean agony, which is observed in a patient for quite a long time, as well as severe pain that cannot be cured even with the most powerful painkillers. In addition, doctors suggest that the decision about euthanasia was not taken solely by one doctor, and it took the doctors.

Since 2005, the year in France enacted a law giving everyone the "right to death". He suggests the possibility of reducing or stopping treatment of the patient if the treatment method becomes disproportionate and useless". The treatment allows terminally ill patient's quicker to say goodbye to life. This law, according to doctors, should be supplemented by a paragraph about euthanasia. According to information from the French media, this bill is about euthanasia, most likely, will be ready in June of the current year.

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