France appears Halal toothpaste

The plant, located in Central France, is launching a Halal toothpaste. This is the first company in Europe who obtained the permit for the production of such products. Stores the paste will come in the end of this month, according to

From 23 November tubes with Halal toothpaste can be purchased in specialty stores, the cost of 1.45 euros for one tube. Previously all kinds of Halal personal care items, as well as products designed for beauty care, France came from Indonesia, Belgium and Australia.

To European products have got the right label Halal, all warehouses and industrial premises inspected imams to establish their compliance with the standards.

In a large number of kinds of products, cosmetic and hygienic purpose is glycerol, the basis for the preparation of which is pork fat. Incidents with cow disease caused a more widespread use of pork fat. Beef tallow, had actively used in the production of nail Polish and lipstick, gave place to the lard.

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