Frame with the addition of the placenta are gaining popularity

The placenta is a special filter through which the child receives nutrients. Every year gaining popularity favors with the addition of the powder from the body. At the height of fashion are picture frames, writes The Daily Mail.

The placenta is first cooked, then ground up into a fine powder. Then it is mixed with a transparent resin and poured into the form. The result is a unique structure of organic and inorganic substances, containing a piece of memory about pregnancy. The product is very popular.

The author of souvenir Amanda cotton believes that the issue of waste in certain cases can be solved by creativity. A large part of the placenta is disposed of, while the body could be used to produce things or working dogs, so they quickly found human remains under the rubble.

New fashionable souvenir is a continuation of the trend on the preservation of umbilical cords, milk teeth, bandages from the hospital. These things bring the mother and child, and leave forever the memory of this event.

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