Fragrant food - the key to harmony

It turns out, aromatic food brings not only pleasure from the smell, it is much more thoroughly chew and bite off smaller chunks than simple food. Which in turn leads to more rapid saturation, and therefore, not overeating, this is the conclusion of Dutch scientists.

It is easier to control the amount eaten, if you eat flavorful dish, and the brighter the smell of it, the less bite them to pieces. Because you want to enjoy the taste pleasant aroma of the dishes and the delicious smell stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and better digestion.

For the experiment were recruited staff of volunteers, who were asked to eat as much as you like from a large piece of cake, but the cakes were different - some fragrant, some don't., who consumed 10 to 15 percent less food, if that smelled fragrant, as a consequence consume less calories. Last calories can be critical for your figure, how bad a shape is often accompanied by their inability to stop in time for lunch.

Additionally, the feeling of arriving in the center of smell, prevents people to recognize the taste of food, to appreciate the forced slowly chew it.

Thus, a product for weight loss number one become seasonings and spices, the body easily deceived and without apparent effort of the person consumes fewer calories at each meal. Additionally, many fragrant spices contain antioxidants, fighting free radicals and cleansing the body.

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